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Advertisers are the business people who deal with advertising. Advertisers make people to aware of products, services and organizations. Advertising does not give any certainty of making people to buy the thing you advertise. Advertisers are communicating your business information to various customers. Advertisements are the tools which are used to reach all kinds of people anywhere in the world.

Advertising now becomes a competitive marketing activity. Advertisers need to do a perfect research to make successful advertisements. They should impress new customers and make the existing customers to be proud of owning your product. Advertisement is an important marketing mix to introduce new products and services in the market. It must create a good image in public and reputation on your product. Advertisers help people to aware of new products and its uses.

Advertisers not only help the businesses to promote their products and services. They also help media. Advertisements are the major revenue resource of magazines, newspapers, televisions and radio channels.

There are many media used by advertisers such as newspaper, television, radio, flyers, banners, posters, direct mail, billboards and internet. Internet alone has many advertising tools associated with it. Those are blogs, articles, newsletters, classifieds, emails, sms, ads and banners. Posting banners in b2b portals like makes your business more popular.

Advertisers should know their audience before advertising. Their advertising tool should based on whom you are trying to reach like male, female, adult, children, mother, father, business people and teenager. Then advertisers should select their medium of advertising according to the audience. For instance, if your targeted audiences are from village, then selecting your medium as internet is utter waste one. If your targeted audiences are students then it is better to choose your medium as social networking sites because it is the most powerful medium to reach students. Like-wise the medium and tool you select to reach your audience must be apt for them. For online advertising there are many free websites available in the internet. is an example which provides many tools for advertising and it is free for its registered users.